Spring Lab Special

Save Over 50% on Wellness Lab Work!

During Spring our lab is offering a Wellness Lab work Panel which includes blood counts (red and white blood cells), blood chemistries (checks internal organs), urinalysis, Heartworm test, and fecal test (for intestinal parasites). All of this for $159.95! That is a $160 discount for the month of June!

Parkview animal hospital cat

It is recommended to get lab work done when your pet is healthy in order to have a baseline for what is normal for them. Testing regularly can help your pet remain as healthy as possible. And if treatments are needed, starting earlier can possibly lead to a better outcome and lower treatment costs.

Also since pets cannot describe symptoms to us, we may miss subtle signs of diseases. It is scary to consider that 10% of animals that appear healthy actually have underlying disease.

If your pet needs lab work, but he or she has some health issues, then there are additional special prices on lab work panels for pets with medical problems. Please call for more details 562.425.8140

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