Flea Treatment

When Fleas Make You Want to Flea Treatment for Your Pet Is Urgent

You would think that the temperate climate and moderate to the low humidity of Southern California would make it easier to avoid pests such as fleas, but that's not the case. Southern California seems to attract the annoying insects, much to the chagrin of dogs and cats across the region -- as well as their owners. Fleas can be devastating for pets, and they can bite humans as well, especially if the pet has been removed from the premises. If you spot fleas in your home, your pet needs treatment immediately to prevent the bugs from multiplying rapidly after using your pet as a meal source. Parkview Pet Hospital in Long Beach, CA, can help you get the creepy crawlies under control.

When Fleas Make You Want to Flea Treatment for Your Pet Is Urgent

Bites Aren't the Worst Issue

No one wants their cat or dog to be bitten by fleas. However, the bites themselves are not the worst part of having fleas. Pets can injure themselves and create an infection if their scratching for fleas ends up cutting their skin. The bites themselves can become infected, too, and loss of blood from too many flea bites can lead to anemia. Pets can develop allergies to flea bites, too, leading to additional allergy symptoms.

Fleas can also transmit diseases such as Bartonella, and if your pet starts to show signs of being ill or starts behaving oddly, bringing the pet to an animal hospital is the sensible thing to do. Another serious effect of flea bites is that, if your pet chews at its skin to get rid of fleas and accidentally swallows one, the flea can actually transmit a tapeworm into your pet's digestive system. 

In other words, get your pet to an animal hospital as soon as you can if you discover your flea treatments haven't stopped the insects from attacking your pet. Have a veterinarian inspect the infected area or evaluate the symptoms to see what treatment is needed. Once you know what you need to do regarding the symptoms, you and the vet can discuss different anti-flea and tick treatments that might work better than the ones you were using before.

Never Assume It's Just One Flea

While it's always possible that your pet's flea problems are minor and require fairly standard treatment, never assume that this is all it will take. Monitor your dog or cat. If the flea problem does not go away and your pet shows signs of ill health, it's time to call Parkview Pet Hospital in Long Beach at (562) 425-8140.

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