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Pet Surgery

Preparing Your Pet for Surgery

As your local Long Beach veterinarians at Parkview Pet Hospital, we know how scary it can be to bring your pet in for surgery. It is essential for pet owners to properly prepare ahead of time to help ensure your pets’ operation is successful.

Ask the Veterinarian If Your Pet Needs to Fast

If your pet is going to be put under general anesthesia for a surgery such as a spay and neuter procedure, there is a high likelihood the pet will need to fast before the surgery. Failure to properly fast before surgery could lead to fatal complications during the operation. It is critical to speak with the veterinarian to determine the best course of action for your pet.

Clean Your Pet Ahead of Time

Of course, the veterinarian will make sure the pet is completely sterile before the surgery. By washing the pet ahead of time, you can reduce the time the vet needs to work on sterilizing your pet, which will reduce the amount of time your pet will be under anesthesia. There are risks associated with a pet being put under anesthesia, so the less time, the better.

Make Sure You Are on Time

Our office plans pet surgeries to make sure there is time for pre and post-operative care. It is critical to be on time to make sure your pets' surgery does not get postponed.

Set up a Recovery Area at Home

Post-operative care is critical to ensure there are no complications after the surgery. Set the pet up in a quiet, comfortable area so the pet can recover properly. If you have other animals in the home, be sure to keep the pets separated. The veterinarian will provide written instructions to care for your pet after surgery. The instructions will include vital signs to look out for that could indicate post-surgery complications.

Veterinary Care in Long Beach

If you have a question about your pets’ surgery or just veterinary care in general, reach out to us at Parkview Pet Hospital in Long Beach today at (562) 425-8140. We are a full-service animal hospital offering pet care services from tick and flea treatment to surgery.

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