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Pet Vaccinations From Our Vet

Much like people, pets need vaccinations to protect them from diseases that are either tough to treat and, in many cases, even fatal. At the Parkview Pet Hospital in Long Beach, CA, our licensed and experienced veterinarian, Dr. Margaret Gamble, DMV, and staff keep patients up-to-date on all core and non-core preventive shots.

Vaccinations for Dogs

There is only one shot required for puppies and dogs—Rabies, which is dangerous to all animals and people. The requirements for how often your pup need boosters vary by state and county, with most requiring them annually to prevent deadly infections. There is no cure for rabies. Canines can get their first shot as early as three months. Another core dog vaccine is distemper, which requires three doses between the ages of six and sixteen weeks for puppies and in two doses three to four weeks apart for dogs over sixteen weeks old.

They will need a booster a year after the initial doses and a follow-up shot every three years. The parvovirus can make your pup extremely sick and without treatment, be fatal. Puppies can get this vaccination on the same schedule as the distemper shots. Additionally, the adenovirus type one and type two also lead to dangerous illnesses that two vaccines on the same plan as the distemper and parvovirus ones can prevent the diseases. If you board your dog or send them to doggy daycare, they will need additional protections.

Vaccinations for Cats

Like dogs, all cats are required to have a rabies shot. Felines get a single dose as early as eight weeks old, and a follow-up shot a year later, and if they're over 16 weeks, they receive two treatments, 12 months apart with a follow up every one to three years. Other core vaccines for feline distemper, feline herpesvirus, and the calicivirus can start at six weeks for kittens. Adults can get the shots in two doses, three to four weeks apart with a booster every three years.

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Our scheduling staff will get your cat or dog in with our veterinarian for all new and booster vaccines in our Long Beach, CA, facility.

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